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Set your intentions and smell wonderful with my roll-on perfumes! Each one is made with sweet almond oil, herbs, flowers and crystals. To get more information about their scents and magical properties, please look at the candle listings that these are derived from.

🔮Aphrodite - homegrown rose petals, rose quartz and garnet scented with sparkling grapefruit and rose.

🔮Tranquility - homegrown lavender, howlite and amethyst scented with lavender.

🔮Witch's Brew - homegrown sage, quartz and carnelian scented with dragon's blood.

🔮Enlightened - homegrown echinacea petals and lapis lazuli scented with black amber and plum.

🔮Sanctuary - homegrown rosemary and tiger's eye scented with frankincense and myrrh.

🔮Nyx - blue lotus petals, jasmine flowers and labradorite scented with love spell.

🔮Luna - homegrown sage and rainbow moonstone scented with patchouli and nag champa.

🔮The Empress - homegrown rose petals, jasmine flowers, rose quartz and peridot scented with rose and jasmine.

🔮The Sun - calendula and citrine scented with sunflowers.

Roll-on Perfumes

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