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Become a vendor for Dickson's
most successful and magical witchy markets!

In addition to conducting a witchy business and monthly meetups, I also host vendor markets focused on creative and whimsical makers, as well as spiritual services. I've created and hosted three wonderful markets: The Flower Child Market and The Mystic Maker's Market in Downtown Dickson, and The Gaia Rising Mini Market at The Land in Kingston Springs. If you are interested in applying to be a vendor, please read the rules below:

Not everyone will be accepted. 

As much as I'd love to accept you all, I'm working with about thirty spaces and receive as many as one hundred applications. In addition to limited space, I also work hard to make sure there is no over saturation of one thing. As a fellow vendor, I am no fan of showing up to an event and feeling as though I am in competition with those around me for sales. For this reason, I will not be accepting duplicate vendors who focus on the same creations and spots will be at a first come, first serve basis. I will be choosing who I feel brings a unique flair and fits the theme of my events.  If you are accepted, you will be contacted for payment within a two week period. Please do not message me to ask if you've been accepted. Again, if you have been, I will contact you. You are welcomed to apply for the next market if you don't get in for the current one. You must pay for your spot within 48 hours of receiving your conformation email or your spot will be given to the next person in line. 

Be aware of scammers.

Unfortunately, scammers have gotten terrible as of late when it comes to events. Please know that the ONLY email that will contact you about my events is If anyone else tries to solicit you by claiming to be associated with my markets, DO NOT give them your money. I am a one woman team and you will not be contacted by anyone else.


Vendor fees are nonrefundable.

Once you've paid and your spot is secured, the fee will become nonrefundable as a good portion of vendor fees go directly back into the event to make it successful. It also should be noted that my events are rain or shine. If this is something that you are not okay with, please do not apply.

Candles, yard sale items, MLMS, and informational booths will not be accepted. 

I like to keep my markets as handmade as possible but will be happy to accept direct sales if I feel that it fits the theme of my events. 

If you are chosen to be a vendor, you are required to post about the event prior to the day of.

To make these events as successful as possible for everyone, I ask that you make sure to share and post at least once or twice before the day of the event. I will be doing my part to share it everywhere I can and make sure it's properly advertised, so please let your circles know about it as well. We help each other grow by doing this and it helps to continue building our wonderful community. 


All markets are held at Holland Park in Downtown Dickson, Tennessee

What are you applying for?
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Which event are you applying for?
If you are applying for the Mystic Maker's Market, would you like to donate an item/service to the Halloween costume contest prize?

Thanks for submitting! You will be contacted within two weeks if accepted.

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