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My ritual and body oils are handcrafted from a blend of sweet almond oil, fragrance, mica powder for shimmer, crystals, herbs, and intentions to bring various types of magic into your life.

💘Self-love and Beauty: infused with rose petals from my cottage and rose quartz. Scented with the floral aroma of roses. This oil is made to attract all forms of love and encourage a feeling of appreciation for yourself.

🔥Passion Ignited: infused with rose petals from my cottage, patchouli leaves, and fire agate. Scented with patchouli and roses. This oil is made to spark that fire of inspiration within your soul. Rather you seek it within a relationship, your job, or yourself - it will be sure to assist.

✨Prosperity: infused with catnip from my cottage, sweet grass, and citrine. Scented with spicy hints of cinnamon. This oil is made to help you manifest all things abundance in regards to finances and happiness.

❤️Healing Hearts: infused with red jasper, rose quartz, lavender, rose petals, and a dicentra (bleeding heart) flower. This oil is made to assist in times of deep healing.

There are many ways to use my ritual oils: massage a few drops onto a chime candle to use for spell work, put into a warm bath to invoke the energy as you soak, use as a massage oil, or simply anoint yourself with a bit on your wrists to work with the healing powers of these flowers and crystals.

Ritual & Body Oils

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