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These protection jars contain: creole mama bear protection oil and evil eye protection salts crafted by The Boho Witch, snake skin, lavender, cedar, and hawthorn thorns gifted by my land, as well as rosemary, apple slices, shungite, black obsidian, howlite, salt, and silver flakes. They are then topped with a black and red wax mixture and sealed with a snake.

These jars are crafted to not only protect you and bring success in your favor (courtesy of the prosperity driven apple slices), but to also bring you peace and shield you from the chaos others wish to bestow upon you. Paired with black wax for shielding and red for magick reversal to return the energy to sender, these jars are sure to cast away those who attempt to attack you with evil eye.

Jars are 3.4 oz.

Protection Spell Jar

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