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Enlightened is an all natural mix of beeswax and coconut oil scented with top notes of cypress and fir, while dark plum adds a touch of sweet nectar. Saffron and cinnamon enhance the spiced plum note, while warm benzoin and wood combine with smokey incense in the base. This is a deep and rich aroma that smells wonderful! It is then topped with juniper, blue lotus petals, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, wax decor, and mini tarot cards.

This candle is crafted for my witches who need to connect with their third eye and intuition, who use tarot or other forms of divination to aid them in their magical journey. Simply light this candle when you need to work with your inner wisdom and let the energies of the herbs and stones guide you to the answers you seek.

Remove mini cards and Amethyst before burning! This is a 12oz candle.

Enlightened Candle

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