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Indigo Temmessee

Dickson, Tennessee's original supplier of crystal candles and eccentric witchy supplies 

In December of twenty-eighteen, I began to nurture the dream of owning a witchy business in my hometown. There were not many options for ritual supplies in Dickson and I wanted to offer products that could not only be used for spell work but also have a unique twist of modern flair. Thus began the journey of birthing Indigo and in January of twenty-nineteen, I officially opened for business. 


As a native of Dickson, it has been important for me to incorporate my roots into my business. My great, great grandfather, James Hampton, was a well established farmer during his time and I have been blessed to be raised and continue to live on what was once his land. Because of this, and the love for nature my parents instilled into me, I have found myself connected deeply to the land and being a green witch. I forage and harvest many of my ingredients in my products from my cottage and it is my goal to source as much as I can from my land to not only give it the unique quality of being local but to add a little extra magick of it being personally crafted with loving intentions.

In addition to supplying witchy products, I have founded the Dickson County Witches Meetup and various local markets such as: The Flower Child Market and The Mystic Maker's Market in Downtown Dickson, and The Gaia Rising Market at The Land in Kingston Springs. It is my goal to not only supply tools to be used for your everyday, magical life, but to also create a space for my fellow weirdos. I hope to provide a supportive community that is authentic, informative to those new to spirituality or wanting to learn more, and full of good vibes.

Browse my products down below:

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