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Bring some extra magick into your life with this kit crafted with all the essentials for a candle spell to manifest your desires! You will receive all the things listed below to assemble the ritual yourself.


🔮One handmade beeswax pillar candle similar to the one shown

🔮Herbs intuitively chosen based on your spiritual needs

🔮A mini amount of ritual oil also chosen based on your spiritual needs

To use:

Prepare your altar space however feels right to you and make sure to have a place where you do not mind candle wax dripping into. First, pour the oil onto the candle and then sprinkle your herbs. Focus on what it is you want to manifest your through this process and then light.

Bonus! Once the candle has fully melted, study the way the wax settled to try your hand at reading it. It is said that you can find messages hidden in the wax to tell you the results of your spell.

PLEASE NOTE: not all candles will look exactly the same and please be aware that there could be slight imperfections due to the demolding process. However, all of them will be a deep purple with a scent chosen based of the intention of the spell.

Witch’s Magick Dressed Beeswax Candle Kit

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