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Mabon, commonly known as the Autumn Equinox, occurs around September 21st and is a time of giving thanks for our harvest and abundance as we prepare to roll into the winter months.

This candle can be used as an offering and a simple way of showing gratitude for the year we've had thus far. 🍂

Mabon is an all natural mix of beeswax and coconut oil scented with rich and warming aromas of orange spice then topped with a dried orange slice, cinnamon stick, and star anise.

Remove toppings before burning. This is a 12oz candle.

🐝Did you know?!🐝

Beeswax is not only a healthier alternative to most other candle options, but it also purifies the air as it's burned! Plus, it's one of the slowest burning waxes so you can ensure that you will get the most out of your candle. A card will be included on proper wick care as well to make sure it burns properly so please read it over and follow the guidelines to prevent any issues.

Mabon Candle

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