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Want to try out my herbal smoke blends, but not sure where to start? These pre-rolls are a perfect way to test out the product or great for those who prefer a ready to smoke alternative from the loose blend!

Choose from any of my blends and you will receive five pre-rolls for $12! There is no tobacco or CBD, just natural flower essence. All are made with a mullein base, which is a wonderful plant for clearing out your lungs when smoked.

🌼Flower Power is a mix of mullein, roses, jasmine flowers and calendula. Use to encourage a happy and positive mood.

🌼 Tranquility is a mix of mullein, lavender, catnip and chamomile. Use to encourage relaxation and peace.

🌼 Divination is a mix of mullein, blue lotus, jasmine and mugwort, crafted with the intention of heightening your intuition and third eye. Smoke anytime to enhance psychic abilities or use as a nightly ritual to help induce lucid dreams, as mugwort is known to specifically aid in this area.

Disclaimer: though these ingredients are safe and natural, everyone's body can react differently. Indigo is not responsible for any allergies you may have. For this reason, if you are new to any of these herbs, I encourage you to only smoke a small amount first to make sure your body does not have a negative reaction.

This product is not approved by any outside forces and should not be used in place of treatment for any medical conditions.

Herbal Pre-rolls

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