About Indigo

When starting Indigo, it was important for me to not only run a business I enjoy, but one where the products I sold would be items that I myself would find interest in and want to buy. I began by making candles, trying out many waxes and methods. From this process I fell in love with beeswax for its ability to cleanse the air of toxins, the long burn time, and the fact that it does less damage to the environment than other waxes such as paraffin, soy, and palm. After candles, I began to find a passion for creating other products such as perfumes, incense, herbal pre-rolls, and pretty much anything I felt would add to the aesthetic of the business I was wanting to create. Over time, my dream of having a witch shop materialized as I've added other items such as tarot, oracle decks, metaphysical books, crystals, and more. I now claim Indigo as being supplies and decor for the modern witch, where you can acquire tools needed for spellwork and to decorate your space with an eccentric and unique flair. 

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